"Americans used to say where there's a will, there's a way. Nowadays, it's where there's a pill, there's a way out." - - Burnt Toast

Day Of Venus. . .

. . .bet you didn't know that is what Friday means from its Latin derivative, dies Veneris. In Spanish it is Viernes. Gracias adios para Viernes!

What does that have to do with today's post? Not much, other than we should be thankful for all things Venus because she is the lead into a weekend of hopeful relaxation and fun.

Tropical Disappointment number 5, which i have named Tropical Disappointment Cleotis, has moved inland and promises a needed respite from the pounding heat and work schedule. There was only a 50% chance of rain predicted this morning, but it is currently precipitating at a 100% rate all over our ghetto jobsite. Cry me a river, right? All I see are smiling faces today. I'm sure the Kentucky crew would like to get a head-start going home for the weekend and for myself, a quiet day in the office almost, ALMOST seems delightful.

The second meeting of the He-Man Woman Hater's Club will take place this Saturday at the local watering hole. And is scheduled to have a new inductee, maybe two, into our exclusive club. The job superintendent, who hails from Indiana, shall join us since he has elected not to go home for the weekend and is dreading another lonely weekend in the hotel. Can't wait to introduce him to Battleship Bertha.

Looks like the rain is slacking up a bit, maybe I should go take a look at the site conditions before I count my basketful of rufous towhees.

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