"Americans used to say where there's a will, there's a way. Nowadays, it's where there's a pill, there's a way out." - - Burnt Toast

Drying Out. . .


It's mf'n Friday you slackers! So crank up the tunes, shoot the telephone, fire all your employees until Monday and let's party!

Or not.

After a week of being bleached by the sun in 100-plus temps, I am ready for some downtime. I swung by the watering hole last night, so this evening I will hermitize in the a/c and watch the ballgame.

Also, after last week's rocking and rolling good times I have neglected my more home-bound duties such as shopping for that stuff we call food and I think the grass needs a bit of a cut, cuz the kitties don't like the tall grass. Especially Bobcat because she is a girl to the nth degree.

On a sad note, my dryer died. So sad. But what is worse is the living mountain of clothes that I believe is hatching a sinister plan to eat the cats. I swore I heard breathing last night from the laundry basket.

The motor of the dryer locked up, which is a relatively easy repair, but the economics of it doesn't make much sense. $200 for a new motor and some wiring or purchasing a new dryer for $350. I'm going with the new one. And I guess I can put the old one out by the road with a sign that says "I'm broke, but I'm free!" and some dumpster diving dreg will scoop it up. Ain't nothing like some free junk to make someone happy.

Or I could park it out in the yard and use it as a target. I haven't done any pleasure shooting in ages. Makes me want to buy the Smith & Wesson .44 magnum I've always wanted. L-frame, 4-inch barrel, custom wood grip and stainless steel. The proverbial hand-cannon, but I think I prefer "finger-bazooka."

So that's my plans folks and I'll save the party for Saturday night as Big Brain Campbell has promised to accompany me to the bar and run interference long enough for me to evade the sensitive radar of Battleship Bertha should she reappear. That sounds a helluva lot better than having to be gay for a night.

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