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Bagged. . .

Ok, it's pet peeve time. It's Monday, so why not start off an abbreviated week for me with a quick rant?

When I shop, whether in Wal-Mart, the local Kroger or even the convenience store up the street, I try to do my best to refuse the unneeded usage of plastic shopping bags when there is little or no need for one. If I am only purchasing a couple of things, why waste more plastic when I have two fully operable hands.

What really grinds my gullet is when something that is already bagged, potatoes for instance, is put in another bag. Or a bottle of laundry detergent, which invariably, I am going to grab by the handle THROUGH the needless plastic bag anyway!

I can't tell you how many strange looks I get when I refuse the use of a bag to carry away a couple of things from the store. I went to Dollar General the other day for a BAG of charcoal and while I was inside I also purchased a small bottle of bay leaves for the cream of broccoli soup I was making that afternoon. Naturally, I had to refuse the BAG for the BAG of charcoal, but I wasn't quick enough on the draw and the next thing I know my tiny bottle of bay leaves was being thrust into my hand, nicely BAGGED up for my, what? My safety? My shoulders slumped and I walked away, defeated.

This morning I went to Burger King as I am doing my best to avoid spending any more hard earned dough at McDonald's, even though I really like the coffee there. The Burger King in Hazlehurst was quick, convenient, the croissant was fresh and my order was handled in an efficient and courteous fashion. And other than being greeted by the creepiest mascot ever, nothing else went wrong.

Except for the fact that they put my coffee in, yes, you guessed it. . .

. . .in a bag.

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