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High Flyer. . .

This morning I find myself at the local airport watching the very slow progress of an engineered fill. For those of you unaware of what that means, I'll use the local vernacular to describe: "we be packin' dirt!"

In other words controlled compaction of select fill materials for construction purposes. In fact, today's work is going so slow that it is allowing me to finish for a second time Ernest Hemingway's Islands in the Stream which is a fabulous book by the way.

But also, since I am at the airport I am able to partake in another favorite hobby, watching airplanes take off and land. Our airport also hosts an Air Guard unit that flies the largest of the large cargo aircraft, the C-17 Globemaster.

I am fascinated by aircraft of all types, but this particular plane is a modern marvel. The beauty, science and miracle of flight can not be understated, especially considering that this plane can actually get off the ground with a total takeoff weight of over 500,000 pounds. Just incredible!

I haven't been on a plane in months and flying was something that I used to do regularly and I miss it, but I am satisfied to be here this morning watching the graceful approach of this fantastic machine.

Kinda make this awesome little gizwhammy seem unimpressive, doesn't it?

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