"Americans used to say where there's a will, there's a way. Nowadays, it's where there's a pill, there's a way out." - - Burnt Toast

Music Is My Drug. . .

And sometimes it takes me far, far away from here to a very happy and more simplified time in my life. Not to say that I'm not happy now, it's just back then it was easier for me to not give a shit. It is so hard for me to believe that this song is nearly 14 years old! So many wonderful things have happened since then, and of course, a few I'd rather forget about.

There are many episodes in life that fit into a middle ground of good and bad times, or maybe best described as unforgettable ground like the time Nils and I got pulled over in Homestead, Florida after having a rip-roaring morning, afternoon, and evening at a local watering hole in Islamorada. Little did the young policeman know that we were harboring a felonious quantity of illicit materials inside the vehicle and. . .well, let's save those gritty and hilarious details for another day. Here is a song that brings back some of those "higher" times. . .

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