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A Few Words About WikiLeaks. . .

First this:  If Julian Assange's face was on fire, I wouldn't waste my time taking a WikiLeak on his head to put out the flames.

However,  I cannot admit that I am totally against the publishing of these classified documents for many reasons.  Mainly, I have enjoyed with utter morbid fascination the content of some of these diplomatic cables, yet I still harbor a great disgust that these documents were stolen and are in the hands of someone of such nebulous background and with an obvious desire to torment and damage the United States at any cost.

Whoever stole these documents should face the harshest of laws created to protect the national security of this country.  Treason?  I say indeed.  And if it can be proven, which I understand is quite difficult to achieve, the penalty should be the maximum: death.  I also think that the middlemen of this situation, the ones that facilitated the transfer of these cables should be prosecuted also.  To me, they are guilty as well, in the least for receiving stolen property.  If our current laws against espionage do not allow for the prosecution of these second and third tier facilitators, then the law should be changed to allow for that.

It is well known that our own government leaks high-level data to the media on a regular basis when they need that particular information out there.  Frankly, that should be illegal too.  But again, I find myself conflicted as to the ultimate dissemination of these cables and papers.  I like knowing about it because it is fascinating; it is not every day that we get such a hard look on the inner-workings of our "diplomacy" and as I read in a Charles Krauthammer editorial, ". . .a diplomat is an honest man sent abroad to lie for his country." Indeed Charles, indeed.

I am trying to resolve this internal conflict I have about WikiLeaks, but I am having no luck.  Some of the posturing, or lack thereof, by our government concerning Julian Assange, and Private Manning, whom we are all to believe stole the information, just doesn't add up.  It is confusing. Chances are we could find Assange in an instance.  Somehow, media outlets have no trouble in communicating and/or interviewing him on a regular basis, yet we let him roam free with hopes that he gets gobbled up by an Interpol warrant for very weak rape charges.  Also, our government could easily destroy his website on a whim, yet we don't do that either.  So maybe, we (they) want that information out there.  And ultimately, if it exposes corruption within the governments or corporations of the world, including ours, then I say good!

I'm up for anyone else's opinion on this subject.  To me, the whole damn thing just doesn't add up, at all!  Maybe it's a great Jewish conspiracy as this person suspects.  I don't agree with his analysis, but he raises some very good points about Assange once you muddle your way through all of the other conspiracies within the article.

With all of that said, I was going to post a picture of Assange with Hitler moustache or devil horns, but frankly I am sick of seeing his squirrely, smirking face posted everywhere on the Internet.  Instead, I'll post a picture of my favorite subject on the planet: beautiful women.

Columbia may be known for its cocaine, but it has another hot commodity too.

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