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The Levels Of Crazy. . .

I apologize in advance for this old story, but it's the first I've ever heard of it and I don't miss too many of these Internet sensations.

First a little background:

Black kid gets slapped by white teacher and angry black mother with a huge racial chip on her shoulder goes head first off the deep end into a rambling 40-page screed/demand letter, which on the surface seemed legitimate and well-constructed until she. . .well, I won't ruin it for you. Yes, it's 40 pages, but worth every minute of your time.

We all know crazy people, but there are differing levels of crazy. How can we forget that lady who had all the plastic surgery in an effort to look more like a tiger for her husband but ended up looking like some puffed-up, hideous, circus sideshow reject? Or these women who have their breasts inflated to sizes so large that the English alphabet is no longer valid. "Yes I need a bra in the size 44 quadruple omicron." Or the old man in Idaho who scoured out the side of a mountain and built himself a house from junkyard rubbish. Certainly crazy all of them.

But this woman has exceeded all of that by a factor of unimaginable scale, down to the point of requesting that no HAARP microwaves be beamed in the direction of her city nor her precious child in order to make her supplicate to the will of the white man's "prison industrial complex" or something.

Yes indeed, this woman hath brought a whole new meaning to the word crazy and "bat shit" nor "nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake" don't even come close to describing how unhinged this woman is. I looked up slang terms for crazy and all the old standards were there. I think the only one that might marginally describe this lady is "fuck knuckle." So we will go with that.

Meet the Fuck Knuckle of the century.

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