"Americans used to say where there's a will, there's a way. Nowadays, it's where there's a pill, there's a way out." - - Burnt Toast

Clearly during the 2008 election, the Republican party and John McCain campaign made some mistakes. Otherwise we'd have already bombed Iran to bits and our Marines would have seized control of the Suez Canal, instead of sucking up to the world and bending like a willow sapling to the political wind of the moment.

Must be a slow(?) news day when someone rehashes the "RNC bought Sarah Palin clothes" story which should have died the day after if was first printed, but apparently, it is still relevant, to something or other. Now, $150,000 is excessive, but obviously the woman couldn't go out on the campaign trail in a pair of waders or coveralls. That kind of charm might work in Wasilla, Alaska or D'Lo, Mississippi, but it would never fly in a place dominated by elitist turds, either Republican or Democrat. In places like that, cats eat Fancy Feast out of Waterford crystal bowls and your butler is paid six figures to do among other things, to vacuum the lint from the wrinkles of your purebred Sharpei dog. (In the shrill voice of Julia Childs) "Thrice weekly, Hobson. . .thrice weekly!"
I remember right after McCain announced that Sarah was going to be his running mate, both of them came to Jackson to visit with Haley Barbour. This was one of the first times the "media" had a look at the Alaskan governor and Governor Palin was dressed demurely in a simple black skirt and white blouse.

Do you know what they blasted the soon-to-be enigma for? It wasn't for what she said while meeting with our governor, that's for sure. She was eaten up by the "media" because she wore hoop earrings like this is some kind of mortal sin against the sensibilities of America. "Trailer trash" I believe some referred to her as.

I have news for you assholes. When our country finally bites the big one and that looks more and more likely as each day passes, it is going to be "trailer trash" people like us and her, the ones who know how to farm, hunt, fish, and preserve food that you pansy-ass, over-educated, liberal pussies will be relying on. When civil society breaks down, remember that we are the ones "clinging" to our guns and our age old customs, culture and know-how. So, when all of your meaningless laws meant to "equalize" the imbalance of societal status come crashing down on your glass houses and the money you worship becomes worthless, all you will have left between life and living or being gobbled up by the savages on the other side is us. And if you're not ready to eat snake, rodent and insect. . .well, good luck diphits. Maybe you can trade your hoop earrings for a can of Beanie Weenies.

And didn't Sarah give most of the clothes back anyway? She wears everyday clothing, she gets hammered. They buy her some clothes to fit the part, she gets hammered. What does the left expect her to do. . .campaign in the nude?


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