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Hump Day Music. . .

My friend Melis Danişmend has released a new solo album after the breakup of her rock band Üçnoktabir. I've heard a few songs from this album and it is more souful, jazzy and vocal based than the hard driving rock of her other band. The following song, Bin Doz Öfke, which means A Thousand Doses of Anger, is a trippy little tune of just Melis' vocals and a nice piano accomp....accomp...you know, playing behind her.


Anonymous –   – (Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 5:11:00 PM CST)  

thanks for the hump day tune. it is always nice to hear what melis is up to. what ever happened to the other weekly greats, such as sunday recipe, jiotw, friday music, etc...?

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