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As the situation continues to descend into chaos in the Middle East and North Africa and the world waits to see what is to become of all that, very little is being made about the confrontational naval maneuvers of the Iranian Navy which is trying to pass two warships through the Suez Canal for the first time in decades.

Conflicting reports have briefly appeared here and there saying yes they passed through, no they didn't, they have been delayed, they made it, etc., etc.

Well, I have a few reasons as to why this may be:

Aircraft Carriers USS Enterprise, Keasarge, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Carl Vinson. Plus, guided missile destroyer USS Leyte Gulf and fast supply ship USNS Arctic.

What does this vast armada have to do with the situation? They are all within the happy confines of the Suez Canal and surrounding areas and may in fact board the Iranian ships as allowed under the auspices of the last round of UN sanctions.

It'll be interesting to see who flinches in this mighty stand off between the rights and wrongs of the world and chances are, it won't be us.

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