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Moar Lies!

In relation to the now signed, sealed and undelivered Hurricane Sandy relief bill, the Associated Press continues to spread disinformation about the unrelated spending (pork) buried within the bill.

The article states:

Conservatives concerned about billions in debt opposed the measure. Earlier this month, House Republicans removed unrelated spending from the bill.

Clearly this is a blanket statement of misinformation and is patently false.  Republicans may have removed some of the spending, but the article implies all unrelated spending was removed.

Here is some of the disaster relief spending included in the signed bill:

  • $100 million dollars for Head Start
  • $10 million for FBI salaries
  • $2 billion for road repairs countrywide
  • $32 million for Amtrak
  • $1.35 billion for the Army Corps of Engineers (as a reference, the 2013 budget for the whole organization is $4.7 billion)
  • And some monies for the Alaska fishing industry which apparently was devastated by a Hurricane that came inland over 4000 miles away

Thank you Congress and President Man Child for your careful oversight of our tax collections.  If only I could spend more than I take in every year in my business.  I'd be a multi-trillionaire by now!

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