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On the road

Hardly anyone believes me when I tell them that Wildcat loves to ride in the car.  Or the truck.  Or the El Kabong.

Here's to you non-believers!

Most evenings Wildcats meets me at the top of the hill just inside the gate and flops down in the road as I turn the corner.  He refuses to yield until I open the door, call for him, and let him ride with me down the hill to the house.

Sometimes he does this in reverse when we are trying to leave to which you have to take him on a short ride back down to the house in reverse.

On weekend nights, if we drive the El Kabong into the woods looking for wood for the fire pit we will be surprised to find him rubbing at our ankles after a few minutes if he hasn't accompanied us from the get-go.  He once followed me over half a mile into the woods only to scare the living shit out of me when he lurched into my leg for a friendly rub as I was gathering fallen pine trees.  I nearly came out of my skin as I was hardly expecting any company that deep into the trees.

I can't wait for the day that he actually learns how to drive.  It'll make navigating the intermittent police roadblocks that pop up from time to time on the road into town.

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