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No Garden For You!

Last night it rained over two inches under the explosions of big thunderstorms and it appears that it's too wet for gardening today. But after being cooped up for days with a cold, I decided to get out and about Camp Burning Toast to see what happening anyway.

With cats in tow. . .

I slogged around the pond through the sloppy mud and grass to find a dead turtle. Can turtles drown? He's an old guy, so I suspect that it was just his time to go. Before we arrived, a vulture was having a feast.

Bobcat was cautious.

And Wildcat seemed uninterested as he dried his paws on the back of my shirt.

We observed the excess water as is babbled from the pond and down into the creek system through the back 40.

But a little running water is nothing for young felines.

Bobcat will never be outdone by the new cat, an interloper in the standard of her kitty brain.

Wildcat had to one-up her though, as he checked out the bluebird house. Sorry Wildcat, it's a little early for the bluebirds. Give it another month.

Well, all seems well and good. I guess I didn't miss much in my Nyquil-induced hibernation. Sure can't wait to do some fishing though! I think it'll be a good year. Another 13 pound bass this year? Maybe, just maybe.

Anonymous –   – (Monday, February 16, 2009 at 11:43:00 PM CST)  

Is this Miss'ippi, or Idaho?


Burnt Toast  – (Tuesday, February 17, 2009 at 7:25:00 AM CST)  

Right on the county lines of Hinds and Copiah in Mississippi.

I don't live in Idaho. Yet.

But I hear them goats a baaahing.

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