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Screwed. . .

I bought some new screwdrivers. Nearly every trip to Home Depot I try to pick up a new tool. Because I just never know when I might need that fine set of adjustable spanner wrenches I got yesterday, even though I have no idea what they do! Maybe I should stick with the screwdrivers.

So if anyone has something that needs to be screwed, I am your man!

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Greasywrench  – (Sunday, August 8, 2010 at 8:15:00 AM CST)  

Oh I just love shopping for tools Toast. Yesterday I spent over $500.00 dollars on the Snap-On truck here in San Pedro for an Ingersol Rand 1/2 drive impact gun. That little goodie was $343.00 dollars but it puts out over 700 pounds of torque. Then I got a top of the line Mag Lite that went over $130.00 bucks. Add a couple of socket strips plus my small lingering balance from a couple of years ago and my new balance is plus $500.00 scoots. I also got a new Craftsman top box on Wednesday that set me back $180.00. Since I'm starting a new job Monday Toast I needed to get caught up tool-wise.

What's ironic is I'm going back to work in the same shop where I started my career as a mechainc thirty-six years ago. I guess it's the circle of life or something. Wish me luck Brett. My fifty-six year old body is going to need it.

I Can't wait to get back to the wcrld of being gainfully employed. I didn't mind freelancing and working out of my garage but it's not the same as being in a shop. My first job tomorrow is to pull an engine out of a Ford 1/2 ton pickup. Ohhh I just love getting dirty - hence my common email and blog name of greasywrench. Things are happening fast Brett. Two weeks ago I was suffering from ulcers and about to spend five days in the Hospital and here I am now getting ready to go back to work. I'm stoked. Talk to you later buddy.

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