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Pot, Kettle, Black

I am sick of it.  Just sick of it.

I saw this article today on another attempt from the NAACP to marginalize the Tea Party as a racist organization.  Now, one could argue that an organization formed for the advancement of a particular segment of society solely based on skin color (as their name implies) is inherently racist.  However, I elect to dig a little deeper to expose the racism of the NAACP and their collusion with other anti-white and anti-Semitic groups.  One should look squarely in the mirror of truth before leveling an accusatory finger at others.

Let's see:

The NAACP has no problem attending religious functions with an avowed anti-white, anti-Jewish group.  Nor does the NAACP have the wherewithal to condemn the actions of the blatantly racist New Black Panther Party as they called on the public to "kill some crackers." And somehow they find great humor in remarks from the blowhard Jeremiah Wright as he mocked white people at an NAACP event.  Oh and let's not forget, Jeremiah Wright is the man who indoctrinated our current president for over twenty years in a Black Power church in Chicago.  Yeah, they call it liberation theology, but, I call butter emulsified cow titty juice too.  It's the same thing.  No manner of semantics can cover up the reality of it.

So Mr. and Mrs. NAACP, before you go leveling the polarizing charge of racism maybe a quick look around you might open your eyes to your own reality.  Or then again, sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees and even more difficult when you are the pot, the kettle and the black.

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Amen Bro.....love the header picture on your page...just beautiful.....bug

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