"Americans used to say where there's a will, there's a way. Nowadays, it's where there's a pill, there's a way out." - - Burnt Toast

Cat Politics. . .

To understand what goes through the golf-ball sized brain of a cat would take a room full of Cray supercomputers, but then again, supercomputers don't speak kitty.

Bobcat, fed up with the interloper, launched an all-out, frontal assault on Wildcat at this morning's breakfast prayer meeting. Black Kitty, as nervous and on edge as ever, imploded as he scrambled for the door making his way around the flying Meow Mix and cat fur. I think he even got a few punches in on the way by just for fairness.

I guess it's time to seize the day and the cat carry cage thing and haul ol' thundernuts off to Doc Randall.

Ironically, as I was hurling the hissing, snarling beasts out the door, one of them landed a claw on me. And out of the whole bizarre exercise, I'm the only one left bleeding. Damn cats.

And people want to keep chimps as pets??

Well before Wildcat's arrival, when it got really cold about a month ago, I put an electric blanket out in the dog cat house. Well, since Wildcat thinks he is top dog cat now, he immediately took over the dog cat house blanket. Since then, Black Kitty, who sadly, much prefers to be a majority-time outdoor kitty cat, has pulled a major head fake and sneaks in there to claim his ground when Wildcat is not looking.

What this has lead to is a nanny-nanny-boo-boo politicking between the two outside cats. A first come-first serve competition, in which the winning cat gets the warmth and protection of the blanket and house, while the loser squats on the ten square inches of blanket that protrudes from the front of the dog cat house. Only inches apart, they tolerate one another throughout the night, if only for the toastiness of the electric blanket.

This has been working out fairly well until last night when both cats were surprised to find a new housemate took over the abode. And I'm guessing that it must be Mr. Baggins, Jr.

What will they do now?

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