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The Religion Of Pieces. . .

Remember, we are the ones who should be tolerant of Islam. It is their religion after all.

And it's easy to ignore the bombings, destruction, subjugation of women, rape of young boys and girls, wild accusations in the name of Allah when it's so, so far away in places like Quetta, Swat, Gaza or Bombay. Right?

This one is a little closer to home. The second article of bad news out of Buffalo this week. But but, he seemed so -- moderate.

Always On Watch  – (Saturday, February 14, 2009 at 12:56:00 PM CST)  

As far as I know, not a word about this in the broadcast media.

How interesting is THAT? Usually the media have a frenzy for a blood-and-gore story.

But not in the case of Islam.

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