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Sit Down. . .

. . .please sit down. But before you do, make yourself a triple scotch on the rocks with a side of halcyon, cause you're gonna need it after witnessing what is definitely the dumbest, most hyperbolic, ignorant and most outrageous waste of everyone's valuable fucking time by student "activists."

I saw a blurb or two about these college kids protesting some perceived injustice at New York University, but never really followed up on the story because I figured after the tree-sitters at Berkeley, nothng could top the insanity surrounding that farce. Yet, I'm man enough to admit I was clearly wrong.

Children, and that's what they are, are a resourceful and creative bunch. Not to be outdone by their West Coast brethren, these douchebags and douchebaguettes (video included) have proven, without a doubt, that some adults simply should not procreate. Because if this is the result and these are our supposed "future leaders and business people," then let me off the short bus so I can go home and pack my bags. We're doomed.

(Caution: The links in the above article has been proven to cause heart palpitations, high blood pressure, swelling of templar vascular system and various manifestations of physical anger.)

Thanks to ZIP for the original links.

Greasywrench  – (Wednesday, February 25, 2009 at 11:49:00 AM CST)  

Damn! It took all my patience to get though the vid. The entire scenario played out like a Woody Allen movie. When the guy at the end went through the backpacks it was hilarious. All Macs. The elitists! Too good for a P.C. huh?

I had hope when the "red book" was pulled out but I guess it was just a journal as opposed to the ravings of Chairman Mao. What would Bobby and Huey think about that? Abbie Hoffman where are you when we need you - Ooops, you say he's dead?

I'm gonna hazard a guess here but they were all white kids and probably the children of privilidge. What a joke. Now go play some video games and let someone who's really struggliing supply the revolt.

Let's just call em the digital radicals I guess with all the laptops and hand held video devices. Thank God they were stoppped. I feel safer aleady.

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