"Americans used to say where there's a will, there's a way. Nowadays, it's where there's a pill, there's a way out." - - Burnt Toast

Listen Closely. . .

Do you hear it?

That's the sound of our money going down the crapper. AGAIN!

$900 million dollars to rebuild Gaza, and why?

We've been propping up the Palestinian Authority for years and to what gain? Lets see, rockets and mortars still get lobbed into Israel, creepy pseudo-Mickey Mice teach children Islamic supremacy and hate on the television, women are indoctrinated into strapping on bombs and 'sploding, particlularly around Israelis. Allah likes a good 'sploded Jew you know.

Oh, and the last time there was a big fat cash (and arms) infusion to the weak PA, Hamas ran roughshod all over Fatah, slaughtering their security forces like sheep (violent images here) and anyone else who got in their way. Ever notice those bright, shiny M-16's that Hamas totes around? Thanks America.

I think it's time for a crucial re-evaluation of the socio-economic needs in Gaza. Personally, I say starve them out. Let them live in the giant piles of rubble Israel created during the offensive against Hamas. The Palestinian Authority is far too weak to maintain any sort of control over Hamas and much less the people of Gaza. These people breed, perpetuate and encourage hate, violence and Islamic domination. We, the free people of the 21st century, shun those ideals and should no longer help facilitate what is an ever worsening and clearly, viral social situation.

I think George Bush termed it correctly as "evil." The bastardized version of Islam that these monsters live and breath, day in and day out, is simply evil. And no amount of money will ever fix that problem.

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