"Americans used to say where there's a will, there's a way. Nowadays, it's where there's a pill, there's a way out." - - Burnt Toast

More Arrogance You Can Believe In. . .

Chuck Schumer, a piece of crap, lifetime, scumbag politicoDemocrat from New York, garnered 20 minutes of time on the Senate floor recently to remind us just exactly what hope and change feels and tastes like.

Using fear as a weapon, which during "eight years of mismanagement by the Bush administration" was a bad thing, is now the current modus operandi of the wacko, libtard left, because simply, it works. And of course, we are plainly stupid, we WANT this bill to pass. And by saying "you lost," is simply Schumer's succinct effort of thumbing his nose at the Republican right, but by virtue of that, also at the very least, 50 percent of our country.

These are the politics of hope, change and transparency.

Let's stay on message, tell the American people we don't give a damn what they think(it's only their money we're spending) and let's pass the largest stimulus(spending?) bill ever created without reading the fine print. No problem there right?

Well, let me be the only guy to stand up and question this "change."

I care about pork. I care about job creation. I care that this bill had no Republican input at the committee level and was pushed through the House and Senate so rapidly that it was nearly signed off on before anyone had a chance to turn past page two. These things matter to me.

And it matters to me even more that the people we have elected to represent US are solidly ignoring the pleas from the masses to stop this ignorant, fruitless and pork-laden bill.

I saw recently that as a form of public dissent, a blogger was going to stamp "tax cheat" on every dollar bill he saw with Timothy Geitherner's name on it. I fear this might not be enough. Pitchforks and burning clubs might be our only option to dislodge the insanity that is modern-day politics in Washington D.C.

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